Materials science

Imaging at DTU gathers research groups specialized in the study of the fundamental properties of materials using x-ray and neutron imaging techniques. The research carried out here aims at establishing links between the structure, dynamics and functioning of materials.

Polycrystalline materials

The 4D Materials Physics group at the NEXMAP section (DTU Physics) works on diffraction based imaging techniques that allow in-situ investigations in 4D (space + time) of the structural evolution that takes place inside polycrystalline materials (e.g. metals, ceramics, minerals).

The 4D methods enable the creation of movies of material evolution as a function of external stimuli such as temperature, deformation or electric field. Properties like morphology, orientation, stress and strain can be followed for each grain or sub-grain.

More recently, NEXMAP researchers have received an ERC Advanced Grant to generalize the methods to the nano-scale.


Energy materials

The section for Imaging and Structural Analysis (ISA) at DTU Energy specializes in the investigation of energy materials with X-ray CT.








Polycrystalline materials

The NEXMAP section specializes in in-situ investigations of the structural evolution of polycrystalline materials (metals, ceramics, minerals, etc.)


Henning Friis Poulsen
Professor, Section leader
DTU Physics
+45 23 39 69 38


Søren Bredmose Simonsen
Senior Researcher
DTU Energy
+45 20 12 06 11
16 JUNE 2024