Gateway to large-scale facilities

Besides offering imaging services on local instruments, the Imaging Industry Portal works as a gateway to world-class large scale facilities.

The researchers running the Imaging Industry Portal collaborate with several large-scale imaging facilities around the world.

Companies can benefit from these collaborations, when their project requires measurements, which our local instruments cannot support.


Copyright: ESSThe European Spallation Source (ESS) and MAX IV are two new large-scale facilities currently under construction in Lund, Sweden.

These two facilities will make the Oresund region a world leading area for material research in the coming years.

DTU will establish strategic alliances with ESS and MAX IV and hereby ensure an easier and faster access to these facilities for Danish companies and academics.








Copyright: Thomas Steen Sørensen
Contact us if you want to discuss a potential collaboration or if you want us to analyze materials or processes for your company.
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16 JUNE 2024