A new national flagship for 3D imaging

Imaging CenterDTU's long term ambition within Imaging is to create a 3D Imaging Centre - a unique interdisciplinary research environment drawing on the expertise of a network of researchers specialized within materials study, X-ray and neutron technologies, data analysis, software and computer graphics.

The 3D Imaging Centre will be the driving force of ambitious international research projects within material research, instrumentation and data analysis.

The centre will ensure positive societal and economical impact of its research through the continuous development of collaboration with the industry and research institutions. It will offer research-based imaging services and work as a gateway to large-scale facilities. An Imaging Industry Portal was launched in 2014 as the first step towards the creation of the 3D Imaging Centre.

The centre will host its own local X-ray instruments and provide state-of-the-art tomography capability to both the industry and the academia. Local instruments will also serve educational purposes and will be available for student projects.

The center will be embedded in a strong academic network and strategic alliances with large-scale facilities, especially ESS and MAX IV, which are currently under construction in Lund, Sweden.

The Oresund region as a scientific hub within 3D Imaging 

Copyright: ESSIn a few years from now, several thousands of researchers will travel to the Oresund region to use the new large scale facilities ESS and MAX IV to investigate all kinds of materials and processes.

ESS (European Spallation Source) will be the world’s most powerful neutron source and will deliver the first neutrons in 2019. MAX IV is an X-ray source, which will be inaugurated in June 2016.

These two facilities will make the Oresund region one of the world's leading science hub within 3D Imaging and material science.

DTU's 3D Imaging Centre will accompany this development by providing world-class research and education within instrumentation, imaging techniques, scientific computing and data analysis.