New VILLUM Experiment research grant

Monday 14 Sep 20

Henning Osholm Sørensen has received one of the VILLUM Experiment research grants (LINK: VILLUM Experiment funds wild research projects and the rewarded project is indeed very challenging.

The project entitled: Opening the black box: imaging nanoparticle transport in porous media aims at enabling direct imaging of nano-particle transport through tight porous media, i.e. to follow the dynamic process inside porous media with a pore scale size below 1 µm. To do this everything related to the experimental components needs to miniaturised - samples should be less that 0.05 mm and yet it should be possible to inject nano-particles suspensions into the sample.

If succesful, the project is expected to reveal direct evidence of the mechanisms of nano-particle transport that before have only been theoretical. Eventually, these results can be used to improve predictive modelling of how nano-particles are transported in the natural environment.


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