User Guide

Academic users from Denmark or abroad are invited to use the 3DIM facilities on a collaborative basis. Proposals are evaluated based on scientific merit and technical feasibility. Simply contact us by mail or by phone with your proposal. We strive to be able to provide fast access, typically the machines are booked 1-3 weeks in advance.

It is a condition for academic access that the aim is an academic output (e.g. publications or contribution to a student's thesis). Facility staff will train or assist in the data collection and reconstruction, and futher help with data analysis may be available from QIM. But in the end data processing is the responsibility of the user.

Projects that require a non-trivial  involvement of a member of staff (for example in experiment design, data collection or processing) should lead to joint publications with that member of staff. In any case the use of the facility is acknowledged. 

We welcome suggestions for partnerships where the users take over responsibility for running the instruments, e.g. by providing manpower or by sharing students. 

The rules for access are likely to be revised once the new building is inaugurated.