Building 310

The 3DIM center will transfer from its current location to the new building 310 in the second half of 2019. The exact days are not yet known.

The new 950 m2 laboratory will comprise:

  • Eight laboratories for dedicated x-ray CT instruments.
  • The visualization laboratory currently at DTU Compute
  • A large mulripurpose prject lab, for
  • A dry and a wet lab for sample preparation.
  • A meeting room for 30 people that can be separated in 2. Professional equipment for internet based connections e.g. to the facilities in Lund.
  • Flex offices for users based elsewhere and offices for students.
  • A data analysis room for 24 users, fully equipped with powerful workstations. This room is also equipped for teaching of up to 30 students.
  • A kitchen 

 3DIM will also be host for QIM.