Academic Users

To avoid infection with COVID-19 DANFIX is running at reduced capacity while currently nearly all large-scale x-ray and neutron facilities are closed. For updates please refer to this page or contact us by mail or phone. 

The DAnish National Facility for Imaging with Xrays, DANFIX, is currently being established thanks to a 24 Mkr grant for instrumentation from the Ministry for  Higher Education and Research in Denmark and 60 MKr of funding for the laboratory building from DTU.

The partners are DTU, KU, AU, SDU, AUU, and RUC. If the Corona situation allows a kick off meeting will take place in Odense June 8, 2020. 

DANFIX will provide state-of-the-art X-ray CT equipment and analysis facilities for Materials Sciences, bio-imaging, natural heritage and a wide range of other research fields. It will be open to scientists in general based on a peer review process with focus on scientific merit and feasibility.The turn-around time will be 1- 4 weeks, but we will be able to accommodate needs for rapid access as well. 

Users may perform their own X-ray CT scans and data analysis, after training and under the supervision of DANFIX staff.  DANFIX and QIM will offer regular hands on courses in X-ray CT data acquisition and data analysis, respectively. As part of larger collaborative efforts, the DANFIX staff can also perform the experiments and data analysis. 

We encourage future users to contract us for feasibility and updates

Find contacts for 3DIM


Carsten Gundlach
Senior Executive Research Officer
DTU Physics
+45 22 38 42 41


Anders Bjorholm Dahl
Professor, Head of Section
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 39 07